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9 January, 2019 | iLounge -

Elcomsoft forensic tools can now extract Apple Health data from iCloud

For forensic investigators, access to Health data can provide additional useful evidence, including records of heart rate, sleeping habits, location points, workouts, steps, and walking routines.

15 October, 2018 | The INQUIRER -

US cops warned not to gawp at iPhones due to Face ID lock-out

Don't look at the screen... or else', Elcomsoft warns law enforcement.

14 October, 2018 | Gizmodo -

Investigators Told Not to Look at iPhones With Face ID to Avoid Lock-Out: Report

Elcomsoft’s CEO Vladimir Katalov told Motherboard the company advised never looking at the screen of an iPhone with Face ID in order to avoid losing one of five attempts before the phone reverts to requiring a passcode. This is because, as Motherboard notes:

13 October, 2018 | Cult of Mac -

Cops warned to not even look at suspects’ iPhones

Elcomsoft warns cops to not look at iPhones involved in investigations because the iPhone will only allow five unsuccessful Face ID attempts before requiring a passcode. If those attempts are by police officers looking at the screen then the suspect can no longer be forced to unlock their own phone.

13 October, 2018 | Engadget -

Police told to avoid looking at recent iPhones to avoid lockouts

Police have yet to completely wrap their heads around modern iPhones like the X and XS, and that's clearer than ever thanks to a leak. Motherboard has obtained a presentation slide from forensics company Elcomsoft telling law enforcement to avoid looking at iPhones with Face ID.

12 October, 2018 | Motherboard -

Cops Told ‘Don’t Look’ at New iPhones to Avoid Face ID Lock-Out

“iPhone X: don’t look at the screen, or else… The same thing will occur as happened on Apple’s event,” the slide, from forensics company Elcomsoft, reads. Motherboard obtained the presentation from a non-Elcomsoft source, and the company subsequently confirmed its veracity.

10 July, 2018 | MailOnline -

Police can STILL break into your iPhone without permission using a simple hack that bypasses Apple’s new iOS 11.4.1 'cracking defence tool'

The workaround was discovered by cybersecurity firm ElcomSoft, based in Moscow. ElcomSoft connected a compatible Lightning accessory, the official Lightning to USB 3 Camera Adaptor, before the screen had been locked for an hour.

10 July, 2018 | MacRumors -

Security Researchers Find Way to Prevent USB Restricted Mode From Activating on iOS Devices

Security researchers claim to have discovered a loophole that prevents an iPhone or iPad from activating USB Restricted Mode, Apple's latest anti-hacking feature in iOS 12 beta and iOS 11.4.1, which was released on Monday.

9 July, 2018 | The Verge -

Apple’s iOS passcode cracking defense can be bypassed using a USB accessory

However, researchers at cybersecurity firm ElcomSoft have found a loophole that resets the one-hour counter so long as you plug a USB accessory into the iPhone’s Lightning port, regardless of whether the phone has ever connected to that accessory in the past.

15 June, 2018 | ConsumerAffairs -

Apple set to roll out new security feature for iPhones and iPads

The tech giant’s move will undoubtedly leverage more grief from the law enforcement community. Apple is adding a new feature to its iPhones and iPads in hopes of guarding the devices against security breaches and hacks.